Holiday in Palm Springs

My family loves vacations. We have often gone on little trips around Christmastime, because what better way is there to celebrate Jesus’ birth than to spend quality time at an amazing location with your forever family?! Last year, we had a ski trip planned that we were all looking forward to but unfortunately, the entire family (expect my dad and I) ended up getting the stomach flu on Christmas Eve so we couldn’t make the trip. We definitely made up for it this year though, in Palm Springs, California! It was an amazing week full of adventures and I will cherish these memories with family forever. I love getting to see God’s creations all over the world. It helps me to better realize the magnitude of His power! I got really into taking pictures on this trip (which at times may have annoyed some of my family members…ha!) but I wanted to share them somewhere so I thought some of you may have fun looking through them. 🙂

We rented a house in La Quinta that had an amaaazzziinnnggg backyard right on a golf course. We spent a lot of our time hanging out by the pool. It was a huge hit with Lily, Gabe, and Ben. 🙂

Lily is most definitely the life of the party. A little light entered our family’s world when she joined us four years ago. She keeps us on our toes and makes sure we are having fun. Can we just talk about how awesome it is to be an aunt?! I just love it.

Joshua Tree National Park was definitely a highlight of the trip. We drove through the whole park and stopped a few times to do a little hiking and rock climbing. These little cacti got stuck everywhere! 

I have a thing about carins. I love seeing them when I’m out and about in nature. I think they remind me a lot of my time at Anasazi. It’s pretty awesome to be out on a trail and feel like you may have gotten lost, but then you see a carin and are instantly shown that you are going in the right direction. Those who don’t understand that concept of these rock towers carelessly knock them down, causing those who come after them to be lost. I think we all have constant guidance coming to us through the best ‘carin’ called the Holy Ghost, but because we don’t fully understand how to listen, we carelessly ignore/knock down the counsel. One of my New Years goals is to be much more aware of the promptings that come through that still, small voice.

Disclaimer: Contrary to what you may believe, this post is not sponsored by Patagonia. But hey, if you’re interested in sponsoring our family, we’re open to that;)

We had a girls day while the boys went golfing. We did a little shopping, ate some lunch, and then finished off the afternoon with swimming at home. It was on this day that we discovered lemons are much more sour than they may appear.


Lily is my Mom’s little sidekick. She spends all day everyday with my Mom while her parents are working, and it’s so fun to see their bond. She loves her “Ama” with all of her heart. She keeps my mom young 😉

The citrus fruits in California are so amazing! Right down the road from our house, there was a patch of lemon, grapefruit, and clementine trees. I ate the grapefruit when we got home from picking and it was the best grapefruit ever. It would be fun to live somewhere that fruit grows so easily and to have trees like this covering your backyard.

Overall, this trip made me even more grateful than I already was for eternal families. If family vacations are this good, I can only imagine how amazing life in heaven with my eternal family is going to be. Every day will be like vacation, but even better! I know for a fact that families are forever. The bond we share with our blood relatives is unbreakable. While family life (and life in general) isn’t always perfect, I find comfort in knowing that everything can and WILL be made perfect one day. I sure do love this family of mine! Hope to see you again sometime soon, California!


Bright Blue Stone

p.s. If you want to hear more about how awesome families can potentially be, check out this video!



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  1. Thanks for taking all those annoying pics, Bright Blue Stone. Being on this family trip with you and Gabe made it even better. Your analogy about how carins guide our path in the same way the Holy Spirit does was perfect. Keep’em comin!

  2. What a beautiful treasure you created by recording these precious memories, Ellie. They will mean so much more as time passes. 💖💖💖

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