The Cardinal Nightgown – A Story of Tender Mercies

As I have been spending many hours at my Grandma’s house, soaking in all of her wisdom and basking in her sweet, pure presence, I have come to know many new things about her that I was previously unaware of. When you are given permission to enter someone’s home and see some of the most cherished parts of their life, it is truly eye opening.  Not only have I heard and written down many pieces of advice and counsel Grandma has granted me from the comfort of her bed, but I have also been fortunate enough to see sticky notes and notecards scattered around her bedroom full of profound yet simple wisdom. I have seen the way she lives from day to day and the way she organizes her precious things. I’ve looked through her “gem thoughts” and have begun to incorporate this idea into my own life. Becoming more aware of how someone lives every day makes a bond and relationship even more precious and real. I feel more connected with my Grandma today than I have ever felt, and I am infinitely thankful for these invaluable days and evenings I’ve spent in her home.

One thing I have especially enjoyed seeing is my Grandma’s endless collection of night gowns. Due to her health, I have been visiting her every day after work. And each day as I enter her room to say hello, she is in a different nightie and they are all so beautiful! Her night gowns have become her signature look in my mind and have inspired me to want to wear nighties when I am I relaxing at my home in the evenings. She always looks so comfy and beautiful resting in her flowery gowns.

One day, I brought up the topic of her lovely daily attire and mentioned to her that I want to get myself some night gowns like hers to wear to bed. After telling me just how great they are and how every girl needs some good nighties, she told me she buys hers at Wal-Mart, Kohls, Macy’s and “anywhere else where they sell old lady stuff.” 🙂 I made a mental note so that I could go get some nighties next time I was out running errands. Then, on that same day, Gabe and I were driving home when we realized we needed to run to the store. I needed treats for my Sunday school class and Gabe needed some fabric glue for his suit. I suggested we go to Target because it is one of my favorite stores, but we were driving right past Wal-Mart so Gabe turned in.

We found the fabric glue, and as we were heading over to the grocery section I decided that we should check out the night gown selection quick since Grandma said she gets some of hers there. And guess what I found? I saw many nighties that reminded me of my Grandma, but my eyes were instantly drawn to a specific night gown. It was the exact night gown Grandma had been wearing all day, the exact night gown she was wearing when we had the conversation about nighties. I quickly grabbed that gown with the little red cardinals, purchased it, and wore it to bed that night. Was it coincidence? I do not believe so. God knew how much it would mean to me, and so He directed me to Wal-Mart, a store that Gabe and I very rarely go to. He then helped me to find the exact night gown that I will cherish forever. This experience was profound for me. It was a testament to me that God has not forgotten about me as I persevere through this time of hardship. He will do everything in His power to bring happiness and comfort into my life. And that is exactly what He did that night at one of the most unexpected places, a store I don’t generally enjoy. 🙂 The next day when I shared this experience with my Grandma, she was so excited. She told me just how very special it was for a Grandma and her Granddaughter to have the same night gowns.

I am so incredibly thankful for the tender mercies given from our Heavenly Father. God is SO GOOD. The personal and individualized kindness He gives us is incomparable to anything else. He is so merciful, so full of grace, and always providing us with things we didn’t even realize we wanted or needed. Tender mercies are real and are given to each one of us as we keep our hearts open. Oh how thankful I am for this sweet tender mercy I received at a very difficult time for my family and I. Heavenly Father has once again brought light into my life just as I was nearing the dark. God LIVES. He is the best and most sensitive friend we could possibly have, never ceasing to bring us happiness and joy if we will open our eyes to Him.

“I testify that the tender mercies of the Lord are real and that they do not occur randomly or merely by coincidence. Often, the Lord’s timing of his tender mercies helps us to both discern and acknowledge them.”           –David A Bednar

“The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.” –Proverbs 145:9


Bright Blue Stone

Grandma resting in her cardinal night gown 🙂

Me getting ready for bed in my cardinal night gown:)

4 Replies to “The Cardinal Nightgown – A Story of Tender Mercies”

  1. Oh Ellie.. what a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.. My fondest hopes are that someday my grandkids will have as beautiful things to remember about their time with me.. god bless you sweet blue stone I have you and your family are in my prayers.. May our heavenly father comfort you all..

  2. Oh Ellie.. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.. My fondest hopes are that my grandkids will have as wonderful memories of my time with them.. You and your family are in my prayers …

  3. I love that sweet story. It is so true how the Lord ministers to us in our hour of need. So Precious Ellie !!

  4. Oh how I love this story Elli. I love nightgown s too! I’m always on the quest of the perfect one, maybe I should go to Walmart. The Lord tender mercies are real as he is real. Thank you for sharing this.❤️

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