The Power in Remaining Calm

The other day, I came across a video of two deer, stuck together in a tangled mess of barbed wire and antlers. Two kind men were desperately trying to help these deer untangle themselves so that they could once again roam free. It proved to be quite the task though, due to the fact that the deer would not cooperate and were frantically moving about. They were scared of the help. After a few minutes of struggle, the deer were finally able to remain calm enough to allow the men to cut the wire and the deer were free.

This “feel good” video really got me thinking about life in general. We may often find ourselves in situations where we feel helpless and trapped, so we “freak out!” Maybe we’ve sinned, maybe something has happened to us that is out of our control, or maybe just life in general is becoming too overwhelming. So we run in circles, we cry, we complain, we have anxiety attacks, and we skitter away from our greatest source of help, just as these deer did. Through all the unnecessary panic, we fail to realize that the solution to our problem may be very simple, and all we need to do is to remain calm and get a little assistance.

I am so incredibly guilty of “freaking out.” My mind tends to jump to the worst possible conclusion quite quickly, and then all hope is lost, at which point I don’t want to ask for help.  I simply choose to dwell within my problems, causing greater panic and distress. Now, looking back on life, I can see clearly that every last one of the problems I once panicked over is now gone without a trace. No serious damage was done, no problem was too large to be solved, no sin was too serious to be forgiven by God, and life is still good.

These potential issues are often hard to see coming. They’re small and almost unrecognizable, just as the barbed wire fence was to these deer. Oncoming problems may be hidden, almost camouflaged, and may have small beginnings. But even though our trials may initially seem insignificant, if we fail to remain calm and allow our Heavenly Father’s help and guidance to come our way, these small things have the ability to become huge issues.

There is a power in not panicking over every last hurdle that crosses our paths. Just as these deer dwelled within their problem and resisted help even though the solution to freedom was so simple, many of us seem to resist help and hold on to our problems as well. Going forward, let’s all refuse to dwell on the negative and refuse to let life’s circumstances make us feel hopeless. After all, so much of what causes us great panic is miniscule is the big picture of things. The solution? Don’t wait to ask for assistance. Allow God to help you solve every last problem, overcome every last sin, and that, my friends, is how you can live a happy life.

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  1. Craig Snyder says: Reply

    Wow Ellie, such wisdom from someone so young. This is so excellent!

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