34 Weeks!

I have officially reached the stage where I can say “Next month I am having a baby!” I have no idea how I’m already at this point. Some days have passed slowly, but looking back this whole pregnancy has gone so quick! Things are getting more and more real. We officially have a carseat and stroller, in a couple of weeks I will move to weekly doctor’s appointments, and from what I’ve read if the baby is born anytime from here on out the risk for complication is very minimal (although I do hope he waits until October – I need more time). So crazy! Gabe and I are pretty sure we’ve decided on a name, but not 100% positive yet. Everything still feels so surreal.

How far along: 34 weeks

Gender: Boy

Weight gain: 20 pounds. Pregnancy is great because it is one of those rare times in life where gaining 20lbs is actually a good thing.

Last Doctor’s check-up: August 29. Basically all they do at my appointments is measure my belly and check baby’s heart rate. Everything was looking great with baby and me!

Sleep: I wake up at least 5-6 times a night to either readjust or go to the bathroom. I am usually so tired by the end of the day but then I’ll have a hard time falling asleep because I can’t get comfortable. My amazing friend Carol gave me an awesome body pillow that has helped with sleep tremendously. But, I know this is just prep for what’s to come when baby is actually here and I will get hardly any sleep.

Best moment this month: I have had quite a few great moments this month. The house my husband and I are building is really coming along and I’m getting more and more excited for it to be finished! It was fun getting the car seat and trying it out in my car. I’ve purchased a few baby clothes items I just couldn’t pass up. Gabe and I attended a birthing class and I now feel much more confident about labor and the actual birth. I got maternity pictures taken and have loved seeing some sneak peeks.  Some good friends of mine got sealed in the St. Paul temple and I was able to attend that event. Lots of good and exciting things happening this month.

Worst moment this month: I’m having a hard time thinking of one. I guess one thing is that my body is just getting more and more uncomfortable as my belly continues to grow. My back aches more, my hips get sore more often, and I run out of breath easily becasue my lungs are so squished! Just normal pregnancy stuff, though.

Miss anything: Comfortably bending over. I have the hardest time getting my shoes on, ha!

Movement: Still a lot of movement! I love feeling the movement because it reassures me that baby is good in there. Even though it happens all the time, I still often have to just stop what I’m doing and watch him move because it is just so amazing to me.

Cravings: I’ve been living off of those drumstick ice cream cones. The chocolate at the bottom of the cone…yum!

Looking forward to: A couple of my Mom’s friends are throwing me a baby shower this month and I’m excited for that!

I’m very thankful that my pregnancy has been so “by the books.” I haven’t had any issues, my body seems to be doing exactly what it needs to do, I haven’t been terribly uncomfortable, and it overall has been easy for me. I know this isn’t the case for a lot of women, so I try everyday to be very thankful! I can’t wait to meet my sweet baby boy, cuddle him up, and watch him grow! What an amazing stage of life this is.

photo by Crista Ballard Photography 


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